U Series  / U sorozat

This is such a pictorial system of substance and object art in which with the expansion of passion of search it breaks through the obstacles of the two-dimensions vividly and honestly thus communicates with what there is around. The intentions is that with the help of the least possible language which burdened with the physical tenseness in its minilamism let the surface create place for encounters and the unlimited flow of thoughts.

The U series, a natural substance such as the bark algorithm, and the symbiosis of artificially created extruded canvas. On this surface, reflections from different illumination create the connection between the two worlds between the natural and the artificial and form the surface together.Work is done to make the frame and then grind the birch along the grain, then form the appropriate supports and place them on the frame. On the surface, after proper foundation, the sanding and top coat will come up and, depending on the surface, 3-4 coats will be painted until the final structure is formed. The process takes 3-6 weeks.

OTHER / Egyéb

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