"Only art penetrates ... the seeming realities of this world. There is another reality, the genuine one, which we lose sight of. This other reality is always sending us hints, which without art, we can't receive."

/Saul Bellow's/

About Szilard Barta

Szilárd Barta Born in 1977 I am a self-taught painter from Debrecen. I'm a painter and I'm a alpinist. During my work I install antennas, internet microwave connections. Here I am, the creator who opens the window for users with the world, by creating infinite communication systems while struggling with elemental forces like wind, gravity, time. During creation, I listen to my intuition, and exclude conscious control. The moments that come through my work address me in the form of an object or crust, form a work of art and open up a timeless channel of communication to the power of the universe that shapes and interweaves our daily lives. They spread, penetrate into our lives and provide us with meditative or productive energies, and connect with the network, with big questions and clear answers.

I relied solely on my own research and the technical study of masters such as Alberto Burri, Ferruccio Bortoluzzi, Agustino Bonalumi, Hisao Domoto, Robert Rauschenberg. So this is the expression that I am self-taught, self-taught in the full sense.

She continually seeks new methods of the micro-vibration of everyday life and the forces that shape the universe ther, exploration of relationships through art. If definitions are used. My technique is intuitive gesture painting, object painting and a minimalist approach. We move along the trampled path of material use and surface formation, pushing boundaries to the maximum so that, at the end of the creative process, only the reflection of material and space and our own thoughts play in an absurd yet familiar dimension. I recycle, use my artwork to make the base frame out of old roof moldings, to support the elements of used furniture and tools, and to assimilate and I keep the objects with their properties.

By now it has become a standalone minimalist and monochrome path where the various organic elements intertwine on the surface of the extruded canvas and open up a new dimension.

Art Online Shopping link :

 https://www.singulart.com/en/artist/szil%C3%A1rd-b arta-6773 .



Events and Exhibitions  /  Eddigi Kiállításaim:

2019 Firenze / GALLERIA BOTTEGA D'ARTE MERLINO, Via delle Vecchie Carceci snc / Italy / group

2019 Recycling art reportage 1-2.: 

1. https://bearte.gallery/recycling-in-art-its-not-fake-news-its-actually-old-news/  

2. https://bearte.gallery/im-looking-for-challenging-boundaries-in-my-creations/

2019 Debrecen Élettudományi galéria / önálló / alone

2018 Budapest Godot -Young Generation Art FAr /Goldberger Kortár Művészeti Központ / group

2012 Budapest Dunapartgaléria / önálló / alone

2018 Buják / önálló / alone

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